Thursday, 3 March 2016

Common Cause and Treatment of Oral Diseases

The effects of poor oral hygiene are commonly ignored because they are hidden in your mouth. Oral health is essential to the quality of life. Oral health is a state of being free from mouth pain, oral and throat cancer, oral infection and sores, gum disease, tooth decay and disorders that affect the individual’s capacity in biting, chewing, smiling, speaking, and psychosocial well being.

If you are living in CT, and suffering from any of the oral diseases, consult oral surgeons in CT who will provide you proper treatment. Before you trust any surgeon you should have the knowledge of cause and treatment of these oral diseases.

The risk factor of oral disease include smoking, unhealthy diet, hormonal changes in girls and boys, medication, diabetes and many more. The oral disease in an individual varies from region to region, and availability of oral health services.

You can check for these symptoms to know whether you have any of the gum diseases

  • Bad breath that won’t go away        
  • Red or swollen gums        
  • Bleeding gums    
  • Chewing problem   
  • Loose teeth        
  • Sensitive teeth     

The burden of oral disease can be decreased by

  • Decreasing sugar intake and  maintaining a well-balanced nutritional intake    
  • Intake of fruit and vegetables can protect against oral cancer
  • Stop consumption of tobacco and decreasing alcohol consumption to decrease the risk of oral cancer, periodontal disease and tooth loss
  • Ensuring proper oral hygiene    
  • Safe physical environments.    
  • Controlling the infection    

  • Deep cleaning - Scaling and root planing

  • Medications - antimicrobial mouthrinse, Enzyme suppressant
  • Surgical treatments including flap surgery and bone and tissue grafts

The results of the treatment depends on how far the disease has reached. To save your teeth from decaying, controlling gum disease is important. Regular good care at home will be very helpful to prevent gum disease.

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