Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Why Do You Need Ridge Augmentation?

Many people opt for dental implants to get perfect teeth and a perfect smile. But many do not know that they need proper jawbone to support dental implants. Sometimes there isn’t enough jawbone for this purpose. There can be a number of reasons for this.

Some of them are listed below:

·         When a bone disease leads to bone loss in upper or lower jaw
·         When tooth extraction and missing teeth leave an empty socket
·         When periodontal problems result in lost teeth
·         When denture wearing leads to bone loss
·         When injuries damage bone or cause teeth loss

So what should you do in these situations? What if you want dental implants but there is not enough jawbone to support them? No need to worry. You can go for the ridge augmentation.

Ridge augmentation is a dental procedure, which is commonly practiced in Connecticut. In this procedure, doctors grow a new bone, so that it can support the teeth implants. This bone regeneration procedure is for those areas where teeth are missing, whether it is in the upper jaw or the lower one.

It helps in restoring the natural contour of the gums and jaw. This dental procedure can help in restoring a patient’s jawbone even if there is extensive bone loss.

In ridge augmentation, a bone graft material is placed in the tooth socket, where tooth is missing and implant will be placed in future. Doctors make sure that it gets the natural shape along with appropriate height and width.

Once this procedure is complete, dental professionals can go for implant placement. With a jawbone to support implants, you can get the perfect teeth and smile. It will enable you to smile, and speak with comfort and confidence. It also enables better restorations in your esthetic zone.

To get the best possible results in ridge augmentation and dental implants, you should choose the best dentist in Fairfield, CT.